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Cost-effective Wellness

To ensure consistent self-care is affordable and convenient for you, we don't offer a membership. Instead, we offer competitive pricing and regular discounts.

Spring sale going on now:  $10-15 off all massages for existing clients and a special low rate for new clients.


Relaxing, therapeutic & rejuvenating...

"My massage with Mandy Cummins was relaxing, therapeutic and rejuvenating. She incorporated various techniques based on my sports injuries, including cupping and lymphatic drainage, explaining the process and results to expect. It was so healing and restorative. Mandy is also a yoga teacher, so the body, mind, spirit connection is a beautiful influence and approach to massage that is wonderfully holistic. A great experience with a radiant soul."  -Judy M.

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Meet Your Therapist

I'm Mandy Cummins, a seasoned yoga teacher, teacher trainer and massage therapist.  I use my love of movement to help clients find optimal balance and mobility.  I offer yoga lessons, custom daily sequence creation and massage, specializing in myofascial release, cupping and passive stretching.

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